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Stewardship Services
The Upper Valley Stewardship Center manages a green certified forest, all natural beef farm, organic gardens, wildlife preserve, recreation system, and horse program.  To manage these diverse uses and values, the Center has assembled over 100 years of collective experience and numerous resources.  The Center understands that being a good land steward and teaching the future stewards of tomorrow is immensely challenging.  The Upper Valley Stewardship Center is pleased share its resources, knowledge, and educational opportunities to help you or your organization become better stewards of your land. 

Stewardship Opportunities

The Center can host a wide-range of outdoor classroom, internship, or experiential-learning opportunities.  The Center can be an outdoor classroom, internship, or service-learning site to study farming, horsemanship, gardening, forestry, wildlife, streams and wetlands, and environmental science.  The Center is engaged in a numerous sustainable management and restoration projects that you or your organization can participate in or study.  The Center is also happy to work with you or your organization to host professional development workshops and trainings. 

The Center also operates a year-round horse trail riding and instruction program.  We can work with you or your organization to setup a trail ride or trail riding and horsemanship instruction.  Visit our horse program website or contact us for more details. 
Resources Available for Use

The Center also has assembled a suite of stewardship resources available for use and checkout.   We use these resources to help steward our land, and we think you might also find them useful too. Please contact us if you are interested in checking out any of the following resources:

  • Wildlife monitoring kit: complete kit to attract, identify and photograph wildlife with motion-triggered camera.
  • Stream and water quality monitoring kit: complete kit to monitor and assess water quality and stream biological health.
  • Soil pH kit: Cornell lab kit to determine soil pH.
  • Vernal pool and pond monitoring kit: complete kit to study and monitor vernal pools and other amphibian breeding habitats.
  • GPS Unit: Garmin GPS unit loaded with local topographic data.
  • Ruggedized Camera: water-proof and shock resistant digital camera
  • Library: a small paper and digital library to help with the study of horsemanship gardening, forestry, recreation, and local cultural and natural history.

Let our knowledge, educational opportunities, resource and connections help you. If you are seeking support as stewardship practitioner or educator in the Upper Valley, please contact us,  and we will help connect you with the right resources and expertise.