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Outdoor Recreation Services
The Upper Valley Stewardship Center believes that outdoor recreation is critical to the mental and physical well being of our community. The Center wants to help get you and your friends, families, and classes outside and active.   Our campus and multi-use recreation system is always open to you.  Come explore our trails for hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, camping, and horseback riding.    Additionally, we have a small selection of gear to help make your outdoor pursuit possible.

The Center also offers and hosts a wide range of organized recreation activities, events, and workshops.  Check out our upcoming events page .

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities and Resources

Challenge Course:  During the spring, summer and fall, the Stewardship Center’s challenge course is open.  With high and low elements, the ropes course is suitable for all skill levels.    The course is great for confidence and team building.  It’s also just plain fun.  We can work with you or your organization to set up a challenge course session that fits your group’s size and skill level.  Please contact us for more details.

Horse Trail Riding: The Center operates a year-round horse trail riding and instruction program.  We can work with you or your organization to setup a trail ride or trail riding and horsemanship instruction.  Visit our horse program page for more details.     The Center also maintains horse-friendly trail system (mixed use campus link) that is available for your use at anytime.

Mountain Biking: The Center maintains bike-friendly trail system.  The Center occasionally offers guided trail rides, fun ride event, and riding and repair workshops. The Center is also happy to work with you or your organization to setup a biking event or workshop

Skiing and Snowshoeing: During the winter, the Center’s trail system (mixed use campus link) is open to skiing and snowshoeing.  The Center also has a limited number of snowshoes and cross-country skis available for use.

Rustic Cabins: The Center has a limited number of rustic cabins that can be reserved.  Woodstoves are available in some cabins.

Camping and Camping Gear: The Center has a limited number of camping locations and camping supplies, including tents and sleeping bags, which can be reserved.

Handicap Accessible Hunting: The Center is currently installing a handicapped accessible deer hunting area.  The area will be available for reservation in 2011.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our outdoor recreation activities