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Horse Program
The Upper Valley Stewardship Center equestrian facility is very simple; we believe that our horses are happier and healthier living an outdoor lifestyle.  Our herd is located at River House farm in Piermont NH.  There, our horses have ample space to run around and graze in lush fields.  River House farm is equipped with an indoor riding arena.  You can ride all year round in a controlled environment.

Our riding facility is the 2000-acre Upper Valley Stewardship Center Campus.  There are old railroad beds, snowmobile trails, and other maintained trails available for riding.  Whether you are looking to ride to the top of Iron Mountain or enjoy a leisurely flat ride towards Warren, NH there are many options to make your riding experience satisfactory.  We are hoping to add an outdoor riding rink to our facility soon.  

What is Offered:

There are a variety of ways to enjoy horses at the Upper Valley Stewardship Center.  With 1,800 acres the most popular activity is trail riding.  Set up an appointment and have a guided trail ride on one of our horses or trailer in your own horse.  Several local riding groups have used the property as their riding destination and have found that the wide and well groomed trails, as well as spacious trailer parking, provide a fun day out for them and their horses.  All our trails are marked and maps are available.  Please call ahead if you are trailering-in so that we can know you are on the property.  Feel free to guide yourself over the many trails or, if you would prefer, our Director of Equine Services will saddle up and act as guide for you.  Please call or email at least a week in advance to make your guided trail riding appointment.  Any guided trail rides are currently donations only.

Horsemanship lessons are also available.  Geared towards beginners or folks who have not been around horses for awhile, lessons can include everything from how to put on a halter through riding lessons.  All ages are welcome; anyone under 10 must be big enough to ride a full-sized horse.  Lessons can be private or come and learn to ride with a friend!  Currently all our lessons are geared towards trail riding but this summer we are hoping to add an outdoor rink to our facility which will be available for lessons.  Lessons are $25.00 per hour.

For information regarding our equine services, please contact The Upper Valley Stewardship Center, (603)989-5375

Meet Our Horses

Each of our horses is chosen based on their ability to give beginner riders a safe trail ride.  In addition they should also like interacting with students and be calm enough to let inexperienced students and adults work around them. 
Kismet  is a 1997 Quarter Horse gelding.  He is here for 2-3 years while his owner is away at college.  Kismet is the leader of our herd and gets many compliments from students for his striking dark brown color.  He has been nick-named “Sidewinder” by his riders because if you do not have a strong leg he will take you on his own tour of the trails…moving sideways!
Bob is a 1989 Appaloosa gelding.  He came to the Upper Valley Stewardship Center in April of 2010 and has since become a permanent member of our herd.  Despite having some of the “crabby appy” syndrome his red roan coloring, exceptionally smooth lope, and unique shoulder brand make him a favorite for any student in the barn.
Teddy is a 1997 APHA gelding.  He is visiting from a local family that was looking to have a few less horses in their barn.  They love Teddy dearly, but also knew that he would be an amazing horse for our program…and they were right!  He has a sweet personality and loves attention.  Anybody who has never been on a horse has their first ride with Teddy since he can be trusted to give a nice even ride everytime.  Many students continue to stay with Teddy even as their skills improve due to his consistent pace and friendliness.  His orange mohawk is the best hairstyle in the barn!
Aries is a 1989 Grade gelding.  Called the “cow horse” due to his piebald coloring, he also came to Upper Valley Stewardship Center in April 2010.  His curious and friendly temperament made him a vital member of the herd.  He is the quirky horse in the barn who likes to nod his head while out on a ride and has a big head, narrow chest, and crooked nose but all his quirks are what make him loved by the students.  Aries smaller size makes him less intimidating for even the most nervous riders. 
Skippy- Skippy is a chestnut Quarter Horse. He is one of our biggest horses and is very sweet and well trained. He has navicular syndrome which means he needs special shoes and is only ridden at a walk. His best horse-friend is Teddy and he enjoys being the boss of Linus and teaching him a thing or two about being a horse.
What is Currently Going On:

If you would like to follow the activities of the horses check out the Upper Valley Stewardship Center Equine Club blog at